Monday, June 28, 2010

Guilt Drives Me (So Does the Autobus)

Stalked some other blogs just now. Felt guilty about not updating this. Don't think other people really read it though (hi mom). Not guilty enough for complete sentences.

Sitting in the cafe downstairs right now, to internet. It's smoky but... it's internet. And there you go. We saw the tail end of the Brazil-Chile match just as we sat down. Brazil won (of course), but I didn't feel emotionally invested in this match, so I didn't shout. Now when Deutschland plays again... that's another story.

On the class-side (Class? What is that tomfoolery?), we went to the Vatican today. And I bought postcards and Vatican stamps. So expect some Vatican mail soon (hi mom)! And by soon, I mean a few weeks! Or years! (I still have a postcard for Claire that I never sent from my month in Germany. Eh heh?)

Watched a movie today, too. For class. 'The Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio,' it was a good movie, although more of a documentary really. The music was good, even if the documentary got a little too floaty for me at times. That is the technical term, yes.

Almost saw some fireworks too, but we were kind of two bridges too far away to see anything properly. Durn trees. Seriously, who lets trees grow these days, it's a disgrace. I got a picture of the sky lighting up because of the fireworks, it was the best I could do. Expect those pictures later, haven't uploaded them yet.

Speaking of, uploading my pictures is going slowly but surely (next time, I'm taking my hard drive to Europe. I have no idea why I didn't in the first place).

So, uh. I have nothing else to say. Pictures later.

EDIT: And by later, I mean now:

Above is the huge bankvault lock that locks us into our apartment. If you were having any worries to my safety (hi mom) or the safety of my valuables (hi dad), fear not. Not only are there those four bolts, but those vertical bars you see turn up into the ceiling and floor when you turn them far enough. Mmm mmm, security.

To the left here is a fountain we passed on our way to the Forum and the Colosseum on day... what was it... it was on the first day of class. So the 14th. It feels so long ago when it really wasn't, now was it? I'm really behind with this blog. At any rate, we walked through lots of buildings and little streets (still are cars on those streets, lots of cars. Don't be fooled by thinking 'oh, they're so small and picturesque! They must be for pedestrians only!' Because nope. Those thoughts will only get you run over). Right before this fountain we stopped at a courtyard and saw lots of statues. It was an overcast day (as a lot of the beginning ones were, so many of my pictures from then are dark).

And I have nothing else to say at the moment. Soooooo.... till later (hi mom).


  1. Hi Maggie.
    Ich bin eine treue leserin von deinem blog.

  2. Danke, Mutti. But remember that all nouns are capitalized in German.

  3. Das Tür ist sehr gut!
    Es gefällt mir so gut.

  4. Ich stimme mit; die Tür ist gut. Übst du Deutsch jeden Tag?

  5. Maggie, your amazing blog! Now I can get my Maggie fix from afar. Das freut mich sehr. Wir sollen auch mehr skypen!

  6. Ich übe Deutsch fast jeden Tag.

  7. @Elani: Ja! Wir sollen!

    @Mom: Good for you. Better than me and Italian, and I'm already in Italy.